We interviewed our Senior Social Media Manager, Jordan, to get insight into his content strategy and the magic he creates for Intellibright’s clients on a daily basis. We’ll take a look at what goes on behind the scenes with Jordan’s strategy, walk through his process, and deep dive into how he keeps content relevant and authentic to our clients.

Social Strategy: Behind the Scenes

First and foremost, Jordan makes sure he’s aligned with the strategies we’ve developed for our other service offerings like SEM, SEO, email marketing, review management, and more. He sees organic social media as an opportunity to bring color, life, and authenticity to a brand. 

“If I can maintain a balance between representing the client in a way that’s informative, authentic, and engaging, I’m satisfied with my role in shaping that strategy.”

Make brands shine through content strategy

Additionally, Jordan noted that his content strategy allows him to help build our client’s brands and authority, while simultaneously achieving audience engagement and retention. If you don’t have clear goals and thoughtful strategies to accomplish strengthening your brand, the noise of today’s digital landscape will drown your content out. He notes that every touchpoint needs to feel familiar with the overall goal of consumer’s recognizing the brand they are consuming.

Importance of Understanding Your Audience

Understanding the audience you’re writing for is critical to a successful content strategy. Jordan is realistic when it comes to building content for specific audiences and says:

“I like to think my personal voice resonates with every single audience member of every client we represent, but that’s simply not the case.”

When you look at an individual client’s content strategy, viewing the strategy through the eyes of the client’s target audience helps shape the message in a way that’s invaluable. If you can step into the shoes of your client’s target audience, it can be helpful to think through what you would be looking to get out of a piece of content.

How to resonate with audiences

Jordan puts a lot of emphasis on making sure his content resonates in a way that is authentically human, and reads that way on social media platforms. He says that he often skews on the more conversational side with his copy, trying to keep things light – except in instances where the subject matter requires a more formal touch.

“I also try to consider human nature. One of the impacts of a noisy digital landscape is that people have shorter attention spans, so I try to help the consumer, either by hooking them with something I think they’ll want to keep reading about or by getting to the CTA as directly as possible. When in doubt, using humor can go a long way.”

In addition to resonating with different audiences, there’s a lot of value in having clear goals and objectives when it comes to building your audience and having a measure of success that makes the most sense for your business.

Have clear goals and objectives

Clear goals and objectives provide direction and focus for our content, allow us to easily measure its effectiveness, and help us to optimize conversions and the actions we desire our target audience to take. Clear goals and objectives also allow us to refine and improve our content strategy, leading to stronger results over time. By putting in the research ahead of time, you can make informed decisions on where to fill in the gaps in branding and get important messages out to your audiences via social media.

Stay Up to Date on Trends 

The importance of both research and inspiration to social media strategy can’t be understated. If we’re effectively speaking for the brands we represent, we need to also be experts in the subjects we’re writing about on their behalf. Jordan finds that on the other side of the coin, it’s important to be aware that we don’t know what we don’t know. As far as trends go, he stays aware, while also staying cognizant of trends that make sense or don’t make sense for our clients to adopt. He makes sure the trend falls in line with our strategy and who we are representing.

A Wrap On Social Media Strategy

  • Make sure you’re in alignment with the full marketing strategy of a client, from SEM to SEO and review management.
  • Have clear goals and objectives when it comes to building your brand, it can help you stand out in the current digital landscape.
  • Stay up to date with current trends and make sure they align with your client before implementing them.