They Completely Understand Their Customers

To gain a 360-degree understanding of every customer, Intellibright’s team conducts a thorough onboarding process that includes, at minimum, the following tasks:

  • Learning about the client’s industry from multiple sources
  • Making a full list of every client’s key competitors and vetting each one
  • Studying the client’s core competencies in detail
  • Identifying current challenges the client faces in multiple areas including sales, marketing, and operations
  • Discovering, in consultation with clients, what they’re hoping to gain from their partnership with Intellibright

Once completed, Intellibright designs an online marketing plan that is unique for the specific needs of the client.  This allows us to translate specific needs into great success.

They Generate Leads That Convert

There are leads, and there are high-performing leads. The latter are the only ones that count. What is a high-performing lead? It’s one generated through research and demographic study, by doing the legwork that asks all the hard questions about what potential customers want and need, where they shop, what their problems are, and how they spend their money.

Intellibright digs deep, studying every lead-to-sale conversion from past campaigns to help inform new strategies that will result in high-quality leads. Each lead can be analyzed at the molecular level, which is why Intellibright focuses on lead-to-sale conversion rates in its vast database. This helps the team envision how the future will look for any given campaign.

They Use Paid Search (Search Engine Marketing) to Identify Real Customers

What does it mean to employ paid search smartly? It means getting in front of prospective customers in their “natural habitats,” where they congregate for online shopping, research, and perusing. Once identified, Intellibright brings the most relevant message to them, then and there, making paid search pay off.

What does it take to make this approach work? Two of the most critical components of successful paid search efforts are sophisticated SEM strategies and continuous campaign monitoring. Intellibright carries out extensive keyword research and analysis upfront, including the formulation of long-tail keywords which are very time-consuming to create, and for that reason, many agencies steer away from them. With this level of detail, Intellibright can craft campaigns that are highly-relevant based on actual data from prospective customer searches. Armed with strong mathematical skills, Intellibright’s SEM team monitor campaigns at a granular level fine-tuning regularly to optimize lead volume and increase conversions of lead to sale. It’s like a neural network that works 24/7 to better itself. Intellibright has pioneered these paid search strategies and uses them on every campaign.

They Have Performance-Based Fee Structures

Pay Per Sale (PPS) or, similarly, Cost Per Sale marketing is an online marketing pricing system or arrangement where the company that owns the business pays only for sales generated by the advertiser or marketing firm. With this model, Intellibright absorbs all the marketing costs. Few agencies are brave or honest enough to offer performance-based fees. The agency’s incentive to deliver high-performing leads means all-around profitability, for clients and Intellibright. 

They Achieve, and Maintain, Industry-Wide Recognition for Excellence

In advertising, the highest level an agency can achieve with Google is the Google Premier Partner.  An agency must continuously meet Google’s requirements in three main areas – Google certification, advertising spend, and ad campaign performance before reaching that level. Being a Premier Partner means an agency knows how to optimize a paid search campaign so that it makes money.

Intellibright’s status of Google Premier Partner proves that it has achieved levels of success beyond the majority of all Google agencies.  Combine that with the virtually risk-free Pay Per Sale model and you’ll understand why Intellibright is part of the Google Elevator Program which identifies high growth agencies and gives them additional support and attention.