Let’s pretend that your profits aren’t setting the world on fire. Or even the region.

Is bad weather preventing sales? How about the cost of gas? What about the lack of bagels in the company kitchen?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should

  • stop using an umbrella because it’s failing to keep your already drippy leads dry,
  • stop driving to work to save gas money on non-existent conversions, and
  • start buying more bagels because if you’re not talking to clients, you might as well be eating.

But have the bagels sent to your place, because you’ve already proven there’s no need to go to work.

Look, it’s possible that the weather does affect your bottom line. But usually, that applies to businesses related to construction, farming, landscaping, auto hail repair, and tourism. Most other industries can’t blame the weather for bad sales, at least not with a straight face.

It’s time to stop blaming outside forces and look inward at your overall sales strategy.

Reach Out with Outreach

A lot of companies rely on last year’s success to define this year’s success. This is a terrible strategy. You should never get comfortable when it comes to increasing your profit.

And you should never count on customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a nice concept, but companies get bought out, trusted contacts leave, and industries change. You want to always assume that you’re right on the edge of being obsolete than fight it every step of the way.

The only way to fight effectively is to stay in touch with continual, cutting-edge outreach.

We Make Sales for Us and For You

Intellibright helps companies increase their conversion rates with proven outreach methods including call tracking and effective email outreach.

We need to make sales, too, but our concept about getting paid for sales is a lot different from other marketing companies. You don’t pay us upfront for the work we do. We come in and show you how it’s done. Then you pay us for the sales you make, not the sales you should make from our work.

Contact Intellibright at (888) 704-7677 when you’re ready to make conversions. We’d like to get paid.