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5 Things That Digital Marketing Agencies Won’t Tell You

Digital marketing: it’s the practice of teaching consumers what they’re interested in, swaying the public opinion, and changing the conversation. In the 1950s, back when we had ad men on…


The Importance of Monitoring Every Phone Call

If your goal is to get your prospects to call your number, you need to be using call tracking to understand what’s going on with your campaigns. Call tracking allows…


Five Habits of Highly-Effective Marketing Companies

They Completely Understand Their Customers To gain a 360-degree understanding of every customer, Intellibright’s team conducts a thorough onboarding process that includes, at minimum, the following tasks: Learning about the…


Intellibright Earns Google Premier Partner Status

It’s the highest level an agency can achieve, reserved for only a tiny fraction of all Google Partners Because Intellibright was founded on the belief that the most successful partnerships…


How’s the Weather?

Let’s pretend that your profits aren’t setting the world on fire. Or even the region. Is bad weather preventing sales? How about the cost of gas? What about the lack of bagels…


Instagram Goes After Marketing Spam; Your Company Should, Too

Many companies use Instagram to market their services. The higher the revenue a company makes, the more likely they are to operate an Instagram account. In other words, Fortune 500 companies do use Instagram. It…

From The CEO

How Our Model Works For Contractors

Intellibright does true pay per sale marketing. We build the website, pay for the online advertising, and do not charge any fees unless sales are generated from our efforts.


No One Values Waste

Marketing agencies get a bad rap, with good reason. A good number of marketing agencies operate by charging clients for high-cost inefficiency, which essentially amounts to making clients pay for…

Law Marketing

Current Marketing Legitimizes Legal Standing

Legal industry professionals need to market the variety of services their firm offers including:


Micro-Moment to Micro-Moment

A moment just passed. And another. And there goes another.  Stop wasting them. Moments transform a marketing plan into a longterm success. That’s why Google developed Micro-Moments.


Show Your Face

Facebook enables companies all over the world to reach thousands upon thousands of existing and potential customers via personalized social media posts and ads. Any company that lacks a Facebook…


A 2017 Marketing Trio to Know

Trends play a giant role in the success of a marketing campaign. Here at Intellibright, we keep up with trends and know which ones help which clients. After all, there’s…