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No One Values Waste

Marketing agencies get a bad rap, with good reason. A good number of marketing agencies operate by charging clients for high-cost inefficiency, which essentially amounts to making clients pay for…

Law Marketing

Current Marketing Legitimizes Legal Standing

Legal industry professionals need to market the variety of services their firm offers including:


Micro-Moment to Micro-Moment

A moment just passed. And another. And there goes another.  Stop wasting them. Moments transform a marketing plan into a longterm success. That’s why Google developed Micro-Moments.


Show Your Face

Facebook enables companies all over the world to reach thousands upon thousands of existing and potential customers via personalized social media posts and ads. Any company that lacks a Facebook…


A 2017 Marketing Trio to Know

Trends play a giant role in the success of a marketing campaign. Here at Intellibright, we keep up with trends and know which ones help which clients. After all, there’s…


Inbound Seasonal Slump Boosters

Seasonal changes often decrease the volume of inbound lead generation. The loss of volume devastates business, but Intellibright knows how to resist dwindling down to an inbound lead volume subsist….


The Tale of the Forsaken Follow-Up

Ladies and gentleman, it’s storytime. Today’s tale breaks our hearts. Get your tissues ready because if this doesn’t make you cry, nothing will: Businesses fail to follow up on 71% of…


(Head)set Your Way to Productivity

Intellibright knows firsthand that headsets increase productivity. This is because they:


Let the Sales Team Sell

In 20th Century America, many families survived off the tried and true tactics of door-to-door sales. The job consisted of mostly men who practiced the trade and some of them transformed…


To CRM or Not to CRM

Yep, that’s the question, alright. Intellibright believes in the support that a good CRM system provides. In fact, we blog about it and we make a living from CRM Systems.

From The CEO

The Brilliance of Prioritization

Many salespeople will work the oldest lead when they get behind. This is the worst strategy as the newest leads are, by far, the most likely to convert to sales….

From The CEO

Total Lead Management Solutions

This week we were working with a client to put a better lead management solution in place. When we were proposing it, they stopped us.