Pay Per Sale Marketing

Pay Per Sale Marketing

Same Acquisition Cost. Better Results. Plug in our Premier Digital Marketing Team for Massive Inbound Revenue Growth.

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Record sales right out of the gate.Amazing performance from a fantastic team. Our company easily beat our forecast in the first two months working with Intellibright. Their business model made sense for our company, and it has resulted in a win for everyone involved. Lead volume and quality improved dramatically, and this resulted in record sales months right out the gate.

VP Sales and Marketing, HOP Energy

#2 Heating Oil Provider USA

Helped the Neptune Society to exponentially grow its sales online.Intellibright Corporation provided performance-based (paid on sales only) online marketing services to the Neptune Society for more than 4 years with outstanding results growing the online channel from a few hundred leads per month to thousands. Intellibright was a tremendous partner that helped the Neptune Society to exponentially grow its sales online.

Program Requirements

Pay Per Sale advertising is a special program we offer. Our typical requirements are as follows:

Established Company

In business for at least 5 years with $10M or more in Annual Revenue. Why? We need you to have a proven business model in order to invest our time and money in growing it.

Experience in Digital Marketing

You average $10k+ per month in digital advertising. Why? We’d like to understand your digital acquisition cost using scalable channels like Google/Bing/Facebook.

Regional or National Sales Area

You service customers on a regional/national scale. Why? We specialize in the services sector and have built our reputation on scaling regional/national businesses.

Quick Sales Cycle

Your typical sales cycle is 3 months or less. Why? Because we’re financing your sales/marketing program, quick payments allow for us to quickly reinvest in your pay per sale program.

$154K to $1.53M
in Online Monthly

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Are we a good fit?

You tell us your business and sales goals and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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PPS not right for you?

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What’s Next?

Many of our clients had struggled with digital marketing before Intellibright.
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