Pay Per Sale, the way things should be!

Think about this. The way most service-based agencies maximize their revenue is by doing the least amount of work for a monthly fixed rate. If they can do just enough to keep the client they make the most money. Stop paying for reports & start paying for sales.

With our pay per sale program we take care of all your online marketing needs and costs. Stop paying for staff, outsourced services, and poor performing ad campaigns.

Since we get paid when you do, we focus on those activities that generate sales. You’ll grow faster than you ever imagined with a steady flow of exclusive high quality leads being delivered to your team. We pay for every lead we deliver so its in our best interest to only deliver leads that close.

Happy Clients
Exclusive Leads

Our Expertise

We live and breathe sales process execution. We will help our interested clients implement the latest and greatest processes, technology, and programs with little to no expenditure.

Exclusive Leads 100%
Sales Process Expertise 100%
Sales Analytics 100%

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What is Pay Per Sale?

Pay Per Sale (PPS) or, similarly, Cost Per Sale marketing is an online marketing pricing system or arrangement where the company that owns the business only pays for those sales generated by the advertiser or marketing firm. With this model, both the advertiser and the business are perfectly aligned with their goals.

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