Included Services


Conversion-Focused Responsive Websites

Our websites convert visitors to leads, first and foremost. Our designs will give your organization an updated modern look that exudes confidence and professionalism while moving visitors to become leads through specific calls to action.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We spend our money to buy ads for your benefit. We’ve spent more than $50K in one month for a single partner. What a month that was for both of us. They made millions and we did all right as well. We develop campaigns for revenue maximization. For us, that means that we are managing the campaign so that you make the most money. We’ve run thousands of keyword and keyword combinations in a single campaign. Since we’re paid on sales we maintain a feedback loop between sales and the keywords that drove them. The end result of this feedback loop is better leads and more sales with fewer non-sale inquiries.



Not every visitor to a website will convert on the first visit so we aggressively re-target to those visitors that do not convert. Ever see an ad follow you around for weeks or months on end? That’s us…


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The key to SEO is to drive the types of traffic that convert to sales. Intellibright invests heavily in search engine optimization immediately so that we can quickly grow traffic and sales. Because we are focused on increasing your revenue (which increases ours) we front-load our efforts in order to get the biggest impact.


Content Creation

We pride ourselves in getting to know your business as well as you do, sometimes better. Ever heard of a 150 word blog that takes 7 hours to write? We have. Our content team dives deep into the subjects that our research has shown to drive revenue. Sometimes, that’s not so easy. Concerned about the quality? We’ve generated more than 500 pages of custom content for a publicly traded multi-billion dollar valuation partner of ours in a highly regulated industry. We’ve got you covered.


Display Advertising

Used correctly, display (think banner) advertising can help an online marketing campaign out tremendously. If your brand isn’t a household name, then having banner ads show up on prime websites can help by creating an association between the brand and the prime web property. Those types of associations can help move people from the consideration stage towards the purchase stage.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising allows us to go after very specific demographics to increase brand awareness. Furthermore, we can target people that have expressed interest with additional advertising on Facebook.


Reputation Monitoring

At some point in time every great business gets a bad review. That’s all right AS LONG AS it gets addressed. If you don’t know a bad review is out there it can really hurt your business. We work with our partners to let them know when bad reviews occur and to help respond to them. Better still, we help our partners design programs to increase good reviews with minimal effort. Making you look great online helps us generate more sales. Everybody likes more sales.