Imagine lowering your COGS by 50% and the impact that would have on your business! Digital marketing is like a mini business inside your business – and conversion optimization is the key to success.

When we increase your visitor-to-lead ratio, the cost of leads gets lower. Essentially, we can generate more leads for the same money. When we generate more leads for the same money, we generate more sales. In turn, this gives us a bigger budget to do more digital marketing.

Think about it like this: Google is an auction. As we improve your conversion rates we have more money to pay for clicks. The more we are willing to pay for a click, the more clicks Google will sell us.

Conversion optimization is not just spending money on Google Ads, though. If you are not tracking, recording, and listening to your inbound sales calls, I can assure you that something is being missed. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to compete with others who have optimized their processes and, thus, have more sales and money to reinvest in more digital.

Every part of the digital marketing journey HAS to be optimized if you want to get great results and add double-digit revenue growth to your business.

How do you get these results?

  1. A/B and multivariate testing
  2. Data analysis

If it sounds hard, that’s because it is! Digital marketing is easy to do poorly but very difficult to do well. If you invest the time and energy to test every aspect of your ad copy, landing pages, and processes, then you can get great results.

You can also easily throw money at digital marketing. However, if you don’t track the sales results and connect them back to your efforts, you might as well keep the money because I can assure you that money is being lost.

Let me repeat this in another way: If you can’t tie your lead sources and costs to your sales revenue, then you are throwing good money away. Period.

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