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About Us

At Intellibright we are passionate about our Pay Per Sale Marketing business model. We believe that Pay Per Sale puts us in perfect alignment with our partners. Our goals are your goals. Exclusive high quality leads that convert to sales with increased average order sizes to maximize revenue.

Intellibright is proud to stand behind our work. We’re so proud that we pay for ALL the costs. Website, SEM, SEO, the works. We pay for and manage ALL your online marketing efforts.

Our partner websites are extensions of our own. We create modern websites that instill trust and confidence. Most importantly, they generate revenue.

Who We Work With

We work with established companies that generate in excess of $10M in revenue. Our partners have a minimum of 10 full-time salespeople that generate sales with an average value of no less than $1500.

Leads Generated
Average Conversion
Increase In Gross Revenue
Number of Clients Per Territory

Limited Partners

We limit the number of partners that we are willing to work with in each industry. Our goal is to have national coverage with limited overlap and focus on results for our partners.


No Fees. No Risk.

There are no fees of any kind for those who qualify. Please note that we only consider companies with annual revenue in excess of $10 million.


Long Term

As we collect data over time we are able to deliver leads that convert at a higher rate with greater revenue. As such, we’re looking to align ourselves with long-term partners where we both share the benefits of an extended relationship.


Pay Per Sale

We’ll generate more sales than you imagined possible through the web on your behalf. Your company will no longer have to pay ANY web costs. Your only cost is Per Sale. Why spend money on resources and programs that don’t generate revenue, or don’t help you grow?

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