In just the last 12 months, the marketing landscape has changed rapidly. From major corporations to smaller, local businesses and organizations, traditional marketing expenditures for print, radio, and television advertising were redirected to inbound online marketing strategies. But are they paying off?

What Is Content Marketing?

Gone are the days of the flashy, set-it-and-forget-it brochure website. We live in an information age when content is king. Properly constructed content is integral in building your brand as a trustworthy authority in your particular field.

A content marketing strategy focuses on the creation of blog posts, social media outreach, online newsletters, and other important inbound marketing techniques that facilitate a relationship between your company and your target client or customer.

That every sales transaction is ultimately based on a relationship is not news in the world of marketing. However, recognizing the seismic shift in how that relationship is fostered is remarkably important to whether or not your business thrives in this new climate.

Pros And Cons

One recent study ( by Forrester Research highlights the shift while also splashing a little cold water on the practice. While many businesses have embraced content marketing in one form or another, only 14 percent report their strategy as being “very effective.” This must mean that there is a right way and a wrong way to conceive and implement your content marketing strategy.

A small to mid-sized business owner utilizes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, thinking that a few tweets or posts a week is enough to stay in contact with customers but failing to look at the metrics. Without looking at the right metrics, it is very difficult to tell whether your strategy actually brings customers through your doors.

Working With An Online Marketing Specialist

Business owners should consider how investing in marketing services drives more leads, sales, and revenue. IntelliBright maximizes your leads and conversions from click to close. Our full-range of online marketing services and strategies are backed by our unconditional guarantee: Your sales will match your online marketing expenditures by month 3 of your contract.

Content marketing is as integral to your online marketing strategy as our individualized market analysis, personalized business consulting, and online optimization techniques. Our holistic marketing approach is guaranteed to drive customers to your door and build your business.

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