If your goal is to get your prospects to call your number, you need to be using call tracking to understand what’s going on with your campaigns. Call tracking allows you to see where your calls are coming from, allowing you to expand on winning campaigns and turn off ineffective campaigns. However, very few businesses are using it and the ones that are using it are failing to maximize the effectiveness of their call tracking.

How We Helped One Client Reclaim Millions

At Intellibright, we put a heavy emphasis on making sure we understand what’s going on with the calls that are coming in. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve helped clients maximize their campaigns using a call tracking platform called CallRail. A new client of ours was one of the top 50 roofers by volume in the United States.

A week into our new partnership we noticed a lot of calls were going to a disconnected number.  After a bit of investigation we figured out that the inside sales team would forward calls after they left each day at 5 to a “Sales Voicemail”.  Unfortunately, the sales voicemail had been disconnected along with a legacy phone system over 1.5 years before! Imagine, everyone calling after 5 and pressing 1 for Sales would get a message saying the number was no longer in service.  Ouch…

This resulted in millions of dollars in lost revenue.

By locating this mistake with the call tracking platform, we were able to reactivate a valuable revenue source for the roofing company.

Why It’s Important to Use an Advanced Call Tracking Platform

Most businesses that use call tracking do it the old way. They manually generate numbers with simple phone line systems. While this does work, it becomes difficult to scale and manage. Imagine having to set up hundreds of different numbers for a large pay per click advertising campaigns where you’re targeting three hundred keywords.

Your website launch is better off with an advanced call tracking platform like CallRail. At Intellibright, we use this platform because it uses artificial intelligence to track calls. You can ensure that none of your calls are being missed. As you’ve seen in the previous example, having issues with your calls can lead to a lot of lost revenue.

In addition, it uses a tagging system to understand where your calls are coming from. You don’t have to generate hundreds or thousands of different numbers to understand what’s going on in large digital marketing campaigns. The old method of setting up different numbers is outdated and problematic for scaling.

Some of the Ways We Maximize Call Tracking Campaigns

In order to maximize your marketing campaigns, you have to be smart about how you utilize call tracking. You to go beyond the basic functionality if you want to increase your leads, appointments, sales, and revenue, or LASR as we like to call it at Intellibright.

“Virtually every business that we’ve worked with says their phone process is great.  Many times our clients are shocked to find out the percentage of missed calls, the poor answers being provided by their staff, and the confusion caused by IVR systems that don’t have well thought-out messaging.

With CallRail it’s easy for us to identify missed calls.  It’s a breeze to tag calls that should be listened to by our clients both for great examples and much needed feedback.  We can even leverage their Artificial Intelligence to rate call quality and opportunity value.” – CEO of Intellibright Ron R. Browning, explains.

Here are some of the strategies we use to make sure we get the most out of your campaigns.

    1. Test Different Voicemail Messages

If you’re using automated voice mail messages, it’s important to know if your messages are converting. To start, you want to pay attention to the analytics to see what’s going on. Then you want to test different voice mail messages to figure out which ones result in the highest conversion rates. You don’t want to be settling for an “okay” conversion rate. You want to use a message that’s a winner.

    1. Monitor Calls to Pinpoint Problems and Opportunities

Monitoring your calls is very important, especially after a website launch. First, you want to see what kind of objections and problems are coming up in sales calls. This will help you optimize your phone conversations and increase conversions. You also want to see what prospects are calling about to better serve their needs.

Second, you want to identify mistakes that your call staff may be making. For example, they may be trying to sell the wrong service to a specific segment of your customer base or may not be qualifying prospects properly. You’d never find out without monitoring the actual conversations. Getting access to recordings helps you really get to the root of your call issues.

    1. Get Serious About Attributions

You want to know what led to your prospect making a purchase. By having a visitor timeline, you can see the journey your customer took from the initial visit all the way to the sale. This is what is called an attribution. You want to know what pages and touch points lead to the sale. 

If you find out that a piece of content had attributed to high conversion rates, it makes sense to optimize your campaign according to this data. You can now focus on creating a navigation path that leads to this content. The data may even show that a certain segment of your target audience converts at high rates after consuming this content while another segment converts after going through a different journey.

    1. Score Leads During Calls

As you know, it can take multiple touch points to close the sale. If you have limited resources, you want to be focusing your resources on following up with the most qualified leads. You also want to make sure that you approach different types of leads to personalize the sales experience.

CallRail’s feature called CallScore is a technology we use for this purpose. It uses call transcriptions, metadata, and machine learning to score leads and categorize them. This allows you to follow up with your leads in the most effective and personalized way. It also allows you to prioritize the most important leads so that you can get your best sales professionals for the follow-ups.

It’s Costly to Not Take Call Tracking Seriously

If you’re thinking that call tracking is simply a means to an end for your marketing campaigns, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Consider these stats:

Take Your Digital Marketing Campaigns and Call Tracking to the Next Level

If you need help maximizing digital marketing campaign, Intellibright can help. We’ve helped many businesses that rely on phone calls increase revenue, decrease ad costs, and realize greater profit margins. We use CallRail for all our call tracking needs because it offers all the advanced features to increase conversions, optimize campaigns, train call centers, and track large scale campaigns effectively.