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Seeing Double Boosts Business

Are your salespeople seeing double? If not, they should be. When Intellibright talks about seeing double, we mean lead generation and excelling at customer care via the fabulous duo of…


Wish List: Marketing Tips For The Holidays

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, business seems to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Employees rush around to pick-up last minute holiday items or take longer lunches because they feel…


Google Algorithm Changes Increase Mobility, Safety, and Profits

Google cherishes mobile-friendly ranking systems and loathes slow mobile sites. Google also values website security. In recent years, the company’s use of algorithm changes makes this point abundantly clear. The…


Eliminate Conversion Rate Pitfalls

Three elements demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing websites: design, content, and conversion rates. Marketing companies sometimes fail to consider conversion rates with the same verve they bring to design and…


Google Penguin: What Does It Mean For You?

We handle all of our partner’s website marketing, including all SEO activities to help their biggest keywords rank high on search engines. As part of this, we are constantly keeping…

From The CEO

Intellibright – A true partner.

One of the things I like the best about our performance marketing (pay per sale) business model is that we don’t work with more than one provider per market area….


Top Five Reasons Your Company Needs a CRM System

A customer relationship management (CRM) system qualifies as the single most important element for improving business. Think of CRM software as a streamlined repository of potential profit. This statement holds…

Law Marketing

Rich Snippets Reviews for Lawyers

We were helping a client recently on the technical side of our SEO strategy. The client was a law firm that has spent a lot of time securing positive results….


The Top 5 Can’t Miss Requirements For Small Business Marketing

Kevin Costner, in the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ just knew that cutting a diamond out of an Iowa cornfield would bring the “they”, whoever they were. His undertaking was one…


Exclusive Lead Generation – The Key To A Profitable 2016

As children, we were taught to share and share alike. This is an important lesson when dealing with our friends and our family. But in business, sharing is not always…


Google Is At It Again But What Is ‘It’ Exactly?

On your commute, your lunch break, in the early evening hours before turning in and doing it all again the next day, we are increasingly relying on our mobile devices…


Websites: Your Resume To The World

If you’ve ever been in a position where you are hiring someone for a job, you know that the resume can make or break their opportunity with your company. Too…