Intellibright is a Google Partner agency that specializes in Performance Digital Marketing. We believe the focus of our conversations with our partners should be LASR (Leads, Appointments, Sales, and Revenue). In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, success can seem intricate and difficult to understand. However, with our services, businesses can easily see true measures of success when leads are turning into appointments and sales and revenue are growing.

The Significance of LASR for Our Customers

Intellibright stands as an expert in the realm of Performance Digital Marketing. Our mission is crystal clear: we’re committed to tracking LASR results for clients to get a true measure of their success. Many agencies will try to hide behind detailed reports that get their clients lost in data, making it hard to determine whether their campaigns are successful. Through complete visibility, we can work with clients to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve aspects of their LASR. Here are some main financial benefits:

  • LASR allows businesses to easily evaluate whether our program is working.
  • Our reporting highlights clear, easy-to-follow results with every campaign.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics businesses can be flexible with their advertising budgets.

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Generating Leads: A Comprehensive Strategy

Intellibright employs a comprehensive strategy to achieve top-tier results for our clients. We provide all the digital marketing services necessary to have a complete online presence, from website services to SEO, SEM, social media, Google Maps listings, and review management that pairs with advanced data analytics and reporting. We’ll manage these comprehensive services for you while applying emphasis on those aspects that drive the most revenue. We employ highly experienced and dedicated professionals for core services and we work with dozens of clients, not hundreds or thousands, ensuring your business receives the attention it deserves.

Behind the Scenes: How Intellibright Qualifies and Tracks Leads

What sets Intellibright apart is our meticulous approach to lead qualifications and tracking. In over 15 years of business, we’ve developed advanced techniques to identify and optimize leads and conversions. We don’t call just anything a conversion – for example, while many agencies name any call over 30 seconds a “conversion” or lead, we filter our results to only include calls that include all of the below qualifications:

  • Called for the first time.
  • Chose an option that could lead to a sale on a professionally recorded phone menu.
  • Stayed on for more than two minutes.

While this accurate filtering will show fewer “conversions” than other agencies, we’ll quickly be overachieving in the sales department because we’re focusing on the truly qualified leads and using that same data to train Google Ads on what a real opportunity looks like.

But we don’t stop there, we’ll take the qualified lead data in your CRM and give Google Ads another signal, that being the primary signal, that the lead was reviewed by a salesperson and identified as a “true opportunity”. Lastly, we’ll connect the actual sales data to provide three strong signals for Google to use as guidance to maximize your campaign performance.

A Look into Intellibright’s Sales Process

Typically, sales are handled by our CEO, Ron R. Browning, in a no-pressure video call. We need clients to be a good fit for our services as much as clients need us to be a good fit for their business and overall goals. We look at our client’s current digital marketing efforts, identify potential areas of growth, explain what we do and how we do it, and then customize our provided services to fit their needs. Our comprehensive program will get you access to a team that would cost more than $1.5M per year on a full-time basis, for less than the cost of a single marketing manager.

What makes Intellibright’s sales process unique is that we have two simple pricing models, one where you pay a fixed rate each month and another where you pay us for each sale we generate (Pay Per Sale). Our Pay Per Sale Marketing is limited to larger opportunities that are regional or national in scope, due to the large investment we make on behalf of our clients to successfully meet their goals. Either way, we’re hyper-focused on results.

Results that Speak Volumes: A Client Case Study

Our client, Smart Cremation, has a ROAS dashboard they use to adjust their ad budgets on a quarterly basis. We’ve also built a predictive model to show them how an increased ad spend would impact their revenue at each of their locations. One quarter, we did an analysis that showed the impact of moving budgets from the five lowest-performing ads to the five highest-performing ads. Our projection was that they would generate an additional $95,000 per month in gross revenue. Keeping a small amount of their budget in the low performers and moving the majority to high performers based on our suggestions yielded a remarkable $87,500 increase in sales in just the first month. This successful strategy led us to develop the ad spend increase revenue predictor for the client to review each month to identify similar opportunities. Smart Cremation remains a trusted partner after more than 7 years.

Looking Forward: Intellibright’s Future

Intellibright continues to be on the cutting edge of digital analysis for our clients. In conclusion, LASR is more than an acronym, it’s the cornerstone of our success. We continue to provide digital marketing reports that have been set up with custom integrations and comprehensive dashboards to show our performance for your business, giving holistic insights into the success of our marketing initiatives. If your current digital marketing provider doesn’t give you reports on sales, talk to us today. You can reach us via our website form or directly at (888) 372-4147.