Between Thanksgiving and New Years, business seems to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Employees rush around to pick-up last minute holiday items or take longer lunches because they feel a bit “festive elf-sih”. Sometimes, they think more about the company holiday party than they do about company marketing efforts.

Any workers who stay the course might think that the office feels like an Ebenezer Scrooge ghost town.

Don’t let anyone make your turkey a dry one, my friend. With a little effort, a festive mood and marketing milestones can flourish for everyone this season, as well as last throughout the new year.

Prepare a Marketing Feast

During this time of year, calendars open up because people like to leave the office early or slow down the pace of work. Take advantage of the free time by strengthening and reiterating your marketing goals. Development courses offer a way to help workers improve their own skills in addition to their team skills.

Booking retreats and conferences during this time work well because your team can devote more effort to taking on these personal challenges. These events add a boost to a company’s confidence and invigorate holiday sales. The holidays also provide a lot of cool theme ideas for conferences with the weather and the different cultural celebrations. Therefore, the holiday mood isn’t spoiled. Because the holidays often revolve around family, an event that lasts a few hours or an in-office gathering work best.

A holiday cooking class offers a fun way for employees to focus on teamwork. Challenge each team to create and cook a holiday dish that best expresses the overall goals of the company. Another suggestion involves arranging a cooking contest between different departments. Perhaps each department can cook something that uses ingredients akin to strong marketing. Anything that builds closeness also strengthens the overall ability of the team as a whole.

Make Business Resolutions

Resolutions work all year but most people only think of them in terms of marking the new year. Suffice to say, many people don’t think highly of them. They make them, but dread accomplishing them. That’s because New Year’s resolutions often involve banning cookies and all such other yummy treats.

Ba humbug!

Negative reinforment and threats of, “You better…” do no good. Try this instead: Present your staff with commemorations of the year’s successes. Then present each team with a board or some other public forum where they can write down their New Year’s business resolutions. The team who reaches most of their New Year’s Marketing Resolutions by the next December wins a three day weekend.

These kinds of incentives combine acknowledgment with encouragement and that leads to conversions then profits.

Decide Whether Your CSM Has Been Naughty or Nice

Clients expect you to slow down this time of year. Check in with them to see if they need help or might like to try a new approach to their business. Your efforts increase lead conversions plus demonstrate a commitment to excellence despite the time of year.

Your CSM supplies the resources for such an undertaking.

Clean the coal from the CSM Stockings and get to work. Touch base with customers to make sure your CSM contains the correct contact info. And don’t forget that clients remember good will shown without expectation.

Send congrats to those who received promotions. Take note of the last date of contact with existing leads then give them a call to wish them a good holiday. Follow up with a surprise delivery of coffee or snacks to their office.

Provide holiday discounts to clients who waver back and forth between signing with you. Saving money for potential clients shows them you hold their best interests at heart plus it keeps with the spirit of the season.

Make the Workshop Fun

Do something special for workers who stay long hours. Order in lunch. Organize a Secret Santa. If your company serves long distance customers, Skype them a Christmas carol.

You can also invite prospective, new, and established clients to the office for a holiday lunch. Let them feel at home in your company. Seeing the team in its element goes a long way with all clients. It shows that you’re trustworthy and that you trust your clients as well. It’s a stocking stuffer situation for everyone.

Make a Wish List

Write down the things you want your CSM and website to do then send that our way. Our team can show you how to enhance your marketing efforts in any number of ways. Like Santa’s elves, we’re always here.