These days it’s easier to make a list of things the Internet HASN’T changed. Chalk marketing up as just another industry that’s been forever changed by the Internet’s omnipresence. Previously, marketing and ad campaigns consisted of billboards, cold calls, direct mailers, fliers, television spots, and more. Companies had to reach out to potential customers to not only bring in revenue but also bolster their brand appeal and make themselves attractive to any and all consumers. These are examples of “Outbound” marketing, or marketing which requires brands to reach out to their customers. The birth and growth of the Internet has now increased the presence of “Inbound” marketing, and if you think about it, it’s the kind of marketing brands have been wanting to practice for generations.

Inbound marketing represents a shift in the way marketing has been traditionally thought about. Inbound essentially means your customers are looking for you. Inbound marketing is built for online platforms, meaning it’s easier for your potential customers to find and receive a wealth of information about you online.

Customers looking for brands in your marketplace will likely start their trek to your doors with a Google search. If your business is using inbound and online marketing best practices, they’ll be provided with everything they need to know about your company and what you do, the majority of which is controlled by your marketing team. Blogs, whitepapers, podcasts, and videos are all examples of the kinds of digital content your customers will find. Each can be utilized in a finely tuned inbound marketing campaign.

In some ways, inbound marketing represents a change in the way people interact with the Internet. Cold calls and direct mailers were once valuable tools in the marketers tool chest because they represented information, albeit somewhat biased, meant to close a sale. With high powered computers providing instant access to information in our pockets everyday, customers no longer need to be educated about your industry. They now need to be educated about how you fit within your industry and what sets you apart.

This is where working with an experienced online marketing team is highly valuable. You and your team are the only ones who can run your business the way you do. When you trust your online marketing strategy with an expert team of professionals, you’ll be the beneficiary of their guidance and wisdom. As trusted online marketing experts, IntelliBright has decades of experience working with our partner clients to not only find more customers, but find the best customers. By utilizing a powerful blend of analytics, testing, web design and potent SEO and SEM strategized campaigns, we’ve helped our clients bring in more than 43,000 additional leads in 2013 alone. Often this translates into a conversion increase as high as 400%! As a performance based online marketing partner, our success depends on your success and makes us a true partner motivated by providing only the highest quality customers to your door.

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