Facebook enables companies all over the world to reach thousands upon thousands of existing and potential customers via personalized social media posts and ads.

Any company that lacks a Facebook page lacks marketing. Period—or, emoji of a period. Yes, some of us here at Intellibright use emojis in our personal lives. We’re not saying who, but we love them all (imagine emoji hearts!)

In meetings, we’ve heard some clients say they think Facebook only appeals to “school kids”  so fails to capture serious customers. What a misunderstanding of colossal fossil proportions. Understand this: Even police forces use Facebook. Sometimes they even capture criminals via the social media giant.

Never underestimate the power of a selfie.

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing, either.

Facebook recently announced that the development of a portal that allows companies using the site for advertising to see how their ads on the site compare to other advertising sources such as TV.

Four faces make the Facebook platform a must for your business:

  • The Nielsen Digital Ads rating product
  • The comScore Campaigns Essential product
  • DoubleVerify
  • and last but not least, the new portal Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM).

The Relationship Statuses

Last spring, Nielsen and comScore joined with Facebook to correct and fine tune metric measurement failures pertaining to Facebook data. Facebook announced an expansion of these partnerships, giving them unprecedented abilities to offer glitch-free marketing. The addition of DoubleVerify as a new partner strengthens Facebook’s digital quality. Among other vital services, DoubleVerify fights to protect audiences from fake news.

The Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) plays the field, working with various marketing components in a direct manner that reveals the best method of “flirting” with customers.

Behind the Faces

These in-depth assessments of the Facebook Four explain exactly why you need to make the most of a Facebook page:

  • The Nielsen Digital Ads rating product permits the measurement of reach and in-target performance of astounding capability. The product handles both desktop and mobile monitoring in eight markets, extending its reach to 25 global markets.
  • The comScore Campaigns Essential product is preparing to test in–target audiences on both desktop and mobile devices, to show the success of campaigns that use its technology. The effort allows advertisers to see the full extent of their campaign in exacting numbers.
  • In the past, Facebook received criticism for problems with videos and display. But now that DoubleVerify has joined the faces in this crowd, the site offers more clarity and more creative options for businesses to create customized marketing on the site. Additionally, it helps lessen the threat of fake news.
  • MMM enables advertisers to mine data directly from Facebook as well as other sites like Instagram. Its mining capabilities allow companies to see if their ads work best digitally, on print, or on television. This new technology offers amazing insight about talent and budget.

Your Face in This Crowd

What’s your relationship status with your customers?

If it’s a one time only deal,  you need to consider all the ways that Facebook allows companies to stay in touch with clients on a daily basis. You can post:

  • interactive status updates
  • photos
  • video
  • contests
  • reviews.

Intellibright understands the importance of being more than a face in the crowd. Instead, you want your Facebook page to generate a crowd that converts to customers. Let us show you how.

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