Many companies use Instagram to market their services. The higher the revenue a company makes, the more likely they are to operate an Instagram account. In other words, Fortune 500 companies do use Instagram. It works for all types of companies, from self-employed freelancers to international corporations.

But like other social media giants, Instagram falls prey to marketing spam.

Some companies that use Instagram gain their large followings via spam tactics. There are numerous ways to generate spam to help build a following. For example, a company can use automation programs to generate commentary. Spam also targets followers via private messaging. But the bottom line is that spam turns off people and also turns off Instagram, which leads to an unstable following in the long run. People will unfollow you and Instagram sometimes deletes illegitimate followers all at once.

Both types of losses can be detrimental to your reputation. When you lose a lot of followers all at once, most people know it’s because of spam. It lends an unworthy air to your business because it makes it seem like you have not legitimate offerings or clients.

Look Back with Intellibright

In 2014, we wrote about spam problems in relation to Google’s release of Penguin 3.0. Obviously, Penguin has been updated to a real-time format since we first wrote about it. Yet spam commentary on social media sites continues since that update. Sure, fighting spam becomes more effective with Google’s continual efforts. But spam is far from over. The future success of your company on Instagram (and other social media platforms) means finding an organic way to grow a following. It also means protecting your page and followers from the spam tactics of other companies.

Look Forward with Intellibright

Intellibright’s got a few rules to keep in mind when dealing with a social media accounts and spam:

  • As we said, avoid spamming other accounts, especially when you want to keep your account clear of it. Try something like hashtags to grow your following.
  • Avoid liking your own posts. It looks desperate and will fail to generate more traffic. Well, it might generate some traffic, but it’s not traffic that stays parked. It also tends to draw the attention of a spammy crowd. Spammers tend to like their own posts, too.
  • Stay active on the page. It helps you spot spam that might sneak through and lets people know that you’re actually in business.
  • Stay in touch with your followers. The more they get a sense of your company voice, the less likely they are to fall prey to spam messages.

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