The recent launch of Google’s Penguin 3.0 platform has online marketing managers the world over struggling to learn how their previous best practices apply moving forward. The update, officially launched on Friday, October 24, aims to identify spam website marketing and to diminish their search result positioning.

Google’s updated algorithm specifically looks to eliminate the efficacy of link spam tactics that have previously rewarded their practitioners. The right way and wrong way to build up the visibility of a website should, by all accounts, be easier to understand as Penguin 3.0 comes into full maturity. Of course, the small and mid-sized business owner encounters a much steeper learning curve than established online marketing professionals. The most unfortunate fact associated with this on-the-fly education is that mistakes have a significantly deleterious effect on your company.

Remaining In Google’s Good Graces

With SEO campaigns, a good rule of thumb is that if it feels shady, it probably is. Adding a superfluous number of links to poorly written content is a sure fire way to attract the ire of Google and draw a penalty from them. The last thing a small to mid-sized business owner wants is to have their company’s web presence placed on the sidelines while their competitors draw potential customers from them. The production of quality content with a targeted SEO strategy goes a long way to ensure your company’s visibility is maintained on the world wide web while avoiding any red flags with the search engines.

For the inexperienced online marketer, there are a host of automated programs that offer to scour the Internet and place generic content in the hopes that readers will follow the links back to your webpage. Automation makes everything easier. Unfortunately, this also applies to Google and other search engines that look very unfavorably on this tactic. If the results promised to you seem too good to be true, they likely are, and you should steer clear of link building tactics that promise a rapidly increased visibility with little work by you and little risk to your company.

Using your company’s social media accounts and leaving legitimate comments on appropriate blog posts is imperative in maintaining an optimal search ranking. Communication with your followers proves that a real person is taking the time to share their thoughts with them. Not only does this personalize your company, helping to build a relationship, but search engines recognize those posts as having merit rather than being an exercise in spam marketing.

IntelliBright: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Small to mid-sized firms have a lot on their plate, focusing on their specific expertise and the day-to-day operation of their company. News of Friday’s launch of Penguin 3.0 signals a quick re-education on best practices for engaging in an online marketing strategy or partnering with a firm that expertly understands the new terrain. IntelliBright has been at the forefront of online marketing strategies and trends and works with their partners to maximize their online conversions. If you are uncertain how Google’s Penguin 3.0 rollout affects your company, or you simply want to see how partnering with Intellibright drives customers to your door, call today for a free online marketing consultation:(888) 704-7677.