There are a few things to remember whenever it’s time to sell your brand online. First, always play to your strengths. If your brand shines in a certain area, talk about it and make it a focal point. Second, remember your audience. A company which makes sleds will likely have a more captive audience in, say, Alaska than they would in Louisiana. One organization recently announced their latest marketing campaign which follows both of these rules in a clever way to bring more business to the Badger State.

Like the other 49 states, Wisconsin is known to many by its stereotypes. When you think of Wisconsin, it’s likely you picture open fields, lots of dairy cows, plenty of beer, and a rabid Green Bay Packers fan base. The state’s Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is playing to these strengths in a campaign to bring new business to Wisconsin. These radio, online, and print ads are a part of the WEDC’s “In Wisconsin” strategy which is being used to court businesses outside of the state and keep existing business at home. In the beginning, the WEDC focused on simply telling the story of the improving state economy by highlighting success stories from popular Wisconsin businesses. Now the organization has spent over $1.5 million to reach beyond its borders to attract new businesses using its own blend of midwestern wit and charm.

One online ad, for instance, highlights the technological advancements they’ve made in pursuit of better beer. “What began as a way to make better beer,” reads one ad, “has become water technology with a global impact.” Yet another draws on the state’s NFL super-fandom stating, “The same passion it takes to wear cheese is driving technology that improves global health.”

The WEDC is running these ads in nearby out-of-state cities, including Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis. The friendly state rivalries are even touched on in an ad that pokes fun at neighboring Illinois, calling it “flat” while highlighting Wisconsin’s “fiscal responsibility.”

According to officials at the WEDC, the ads are already working. The first ads began running in 2012, but the out-of-state radio ads only began airing in late October. Since then, WEDC’s website has been receiving more hits and their toll free hotline has been ringing more than it had been previously.

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