Intellibright does true pay per sale marketing. We build the website, pay for the online advertising, and do not charge any fees unless sales are generated from our efforts.

Here is the difficult part for us. We need a large enough opportunity to spread the risk. If we have 20 locations to deliver leads to we’ll have a lot of locations that can’t convert leads because of bad processes or people. But having a handful of good converting locations means we can focus our efforts on rewarding top performers with exclusive leads. That is a win for everyone since Intellibright is paid on sales, top performers get more leads that convert to sales and are more likely to stay with the company, and the company gets more revenue because there is more focus on delivering larger volumes of leads to the highest converting locations.

If we invest all the money in building this program for a smaller opportunity (single location) and the processes are not in place to convert leads than we can’t be successful.

What we learned, after doing this a lot and having a large percentage of smaller opportunities fail, is that most small businesses are not set up to maximize conversions of leads to sales. Why? So many failure points in the conversion process.

Here is what you need to be successful:

  • IVR for inbound phones sends sales to appointment setting group, appointment setters answer the call, prequalify, and set an appointment on the first call.
  • CRM (lead management) software alerts salesperson they have an appointment, salesperson updates lead status and have automated reminders for follow-up, CRM provides lead to sale conversion reporting.

Based on lead to sale conversions, the leads are distributed based on sales performance. This has all salespeople working harder to convert each lead to get a larger share of all inbound leads. Sales and leads are exported from CRM each month with notes and are discussed for validity.

Intellibright goes back and makes changes to campaigns based on lead feedback to generate more of the good leads and less of the bad. Over time this is an optimal setup and allows for more sales per salesperson and the ability to compete in Google Auctions for the high volumes of traffic.

Intellibright created some monthly “subscription” programs to help small businesses put all of these items in place so that they could “graduate” to pay per sale after 18 months. This eliminates the risk for Intellibright and allows the small business time to implement best practices for lead follow-up.

Intellibright believes strongly in our ability to generate high-quality exclusive leads for our partners on a pay per sale basis and uses that to help each and every one of our clients to be successful.

Pay Per Sale Internet Marketing. They way business should be.

Ron Browning, CEO, Intellibright