A moment just passed. And another. And there goes another.  Stop wasting them. Moments transform a marketing plan into a longterm success.

That’s why Google developed Micro-Moments.

Real Time

To enhance marketing efforts, companies often

  • Hire additional writers.
  • Analyze customer contact data.
  • Post customer surveys on social media pages.

Each strategy provides invaluable information, but when a company wants to increase its clients as well as better serve existing ones, then it needs to operate in real time.

Here at Intellibright, we understand why Google focuses on mobile connections. We’ve even written about it before. Because more people use mobile devices to connect, Google wants to guarantee good connections on mobile devices. This includes making sure website work well on small screens, and knowing how to address people as they move through the world in search of information via these devices.

That means companies must prepare to meet consumer needs in the moment, i.e., real time. Any brand that fails to serve real time needs is a brand that eventually fails to exist in any time.

Micro Matters

Advances in marketing strategy often panic companies because they usually involve increases in budget. No one likes to know they need to spend more money. Even if it does make the world go round, some people prefer to stop turning.

The good news about Google Micro-Moments is that companies use it without a complete content overhaul, which means their budgets stay within budget. Google created a program called Art, Copy & Code to apply real-time advances to content that already exists. Therefore, stop counting coins.

But do get ready to stack them.

The program works like this: Using an ad that serves as an instantaneous replay of an event, Google allows consumers to see what kind of content a company provides them that pertains to their needs regarding a current event. In Google’s test drive, they used a sporting ad for hockey to demonstrate the relevance of this approach

Here’s why this works: During a television broadcast of a major sporting event or something like the Oscars, people turn to their phones to look up all sorts of information: Trivia about past winners, names of gown designers, or where to order in food. If you own a pizza company, you need to run mobile ads that pertain to the event so when viewers pick up their phones to search for information, your ad pops up then converts them.

Research shows that while desktops maintain market conversions, people still use mobile platforms for their initial contact to a brand. They switch to desktop to convert to a regular user. This holds true during both special event and normal television viewing so you need to cover all of the micro-moments.

Micro-moment marketing works every day, all year.

In the Store

Another must for marketing revolves around targeting shoopers on-site. Ads must bring get them on-site. Once on-site, ads must convert them to  customers.  After all, think how much shopping you do with your phone in hand, looking up reviews, pricing, and more.

Don’t you think people do the same in relation to what you’re selling?

Dispaly ads that focus on converting perusers to buyers in the Micro-Moment and more. Let Intellibright help your company become a real-time, mobile force. Call us for a FREE pay-per-sale consultation today: (888) 704-7677.