Call tracking enables you to elevate business with a simple system that provides a multitude of benefits. This method consists of data driven elements that lead to higher conversion rates among people who reach out to your company. Even better, any business can implement the call tracking method.

Why Call Tracking?

When it comes to marketing efforts, many businesses tend to overlook Ma Bell these days. While it’s true that an online presence qualifies as a must to succeed in today’s digital-based world, it makes no sense to forgo an analysis of calls.

Leads convert from inbound calls more than any other source. While phones function as computers, they still function as phones, too. And more people prefer call buttons to ad clicks.

People still carry phones and in the near future, the number of smart phone users will reach over 6 billion.

That’s a lot of call buttons.

Because of the smart phone revolution, Google cares about making it easier for people to read and utilize websites and other services on their phone. Therefore, people can encounter your number in many ways while using their smartphone. But research shows that they no matter how they see your phone number, they usually opt to call in when given a choice. It only makes sense to track calls because people can ring you instantly from wherever they and their smartphones go.

Reasons that people choose to call in vary but include:

  • They dislike taking the time to fill out a form.
  • They’re worried about privacy or giving an email address.
  • They have questions about your basic service that your website or ad fail to cover.
  • They have extenuating services such as a coupon or a time concern.
  • They want to get a feel for your company by speaking to a live person.

And yet another concern to consider: Potential customers may not find your website easy to navigate so they decide to call instead. If this happens, rest assured that we know how to make your website easy to navigate so that you convert leads that way. But phone call analysis must always be a part of your marketing because it covers many elements of calls, from sources to service.

The Sources

Tracking phone calls determines if leads come in via

  • bill boards
  • magazines ads
  • newspaper ads
  • Google AdWords
  • online ads
  • websites

or wherever a business places its phone number.

This reveals the success rate of marketing strategies and phone inquiries, which in turn provides return on investment (ROI) info that proves invaluable to your marketing plan. The info helps define budgeting, saving and earning millions. If a marketing effort doesn’t work, there’s no reason to spend money on it. But it’s hard to know what works without this type of tracking.

The analysis also allows for a finetuning of existing marketing call campaigns with SEO, a process that up until now has been impossible but which your company must now make possible right away, to keep up with competitors.

The Analysis

Data derived from call tracking comes via the following monitored sources:

  • Digital advertising campaigns using various phone numbers on each campaign to show which ad brings performs the best.
  • Organic search engine traffic which shows which landing pages generate the most calls.
  • Pay per click campaigns that show which keywords generate the most calls.

Besides the above, there’s another factor that gets analyzed which serves as a fundamental element to converting leads: customer service.

Call tracking actually lets you discover what people talk about when they call. It details how your customer service team handles the calls from the greeting to the information provided, plus permits the ultimate source for cross-selling and upselling. Let’s look at this last bit, because it’s something that many marketing teams overlook.

When customers call in, they talk and give away information that lets you know their likes and dislikes plus their needs. They may let it slip they plan to travel overseas next summer. Perhaps you sell something that will enhance their trip. Or maybe when you learn where they live, you know that they not only need to buy car insurance, but flood insurance, too.

All of these sources and their analysis transform into conversions if handled the right way.

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