This past week we were at a client location. We were working with the team to understand a sharp fall-off in conversions with slight increases in lead volumes. Generally, large lead volumes will cause salespeople to have lower conversion rates but this was only a few leads per salesperson over the course of a month.

So we went for a visit.

Great team. Great people. Bad process. We learned that there were 4 systems being used to track data and that none of them was automated. Basically, there was a lot of cutting and pasting going on. We quickly learned that the dropoff in conversions was due to the inbound team not having the right tools and system to handle even the slightest increase in volume as they were the front line before assigning confirmed appointments to their locations.

We came, we saw, we solved.

We proposed a new process that eliminated a large amount of the manual posting and would automate follow-up. We also were able to identify the factors in some of the highest-converting locations and apply them to an automated routine.

Now, we just have to build it for them. At no cost to them. Better marketing systems for them means more sales for us over the long haul.

Intellibright. THE. BEST. PARTNER.

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Ron Browning, CEO, Intellibright