Intellibright knows firsthand that headsets increase productivity. This is because they:

  • allow people to work while handling call-ins
  • save money on time wasted making return calls
  • improve ergonomic issues arising from prolonged phone use
  • energize your team
  • prove easy to use.

Listen Up and Learn

As far back as 2012, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about headphones and productivity. It’s a hot topic to this day, but one that’s much better understood. And another thing that needs to be understood is when we talk about headsets, we aren’t talking about headphones.

They’re not the same thing, despite popular misconceptions and interchanging of the words.

Headphones allow workers to tune out distractions by playing music. There’s nothing wrong with that, but headsets accomplish much more. They allow  communication with clients on the phone and interaction with the office surroundings at the same time. Review emails, do research, or sketch a logo while talking to a client and remaining pain-free.

Market research shows shows that headsets increase work gains by 43%. That’s an astounding percent and one you want to figure into your work flow calculations.

Save Your Business by Establishing Loyalty

Avoiding the purchase of headsets does save money.

Saving money on headsets means that workers talk to clients to understand their needs, hang up, research requests for the client, call the client back, provide the client with the requested info, write down any new requests, hang up, research the additional requests, call the client back, provide the client with the requested info, write down any new requests…

Hopefully, you see the problem with this headset-free method. It’s amateurish, annoys clients, wastes time, and the savings never last. You lose much more money than you saved by saving on headsets. Clients see no reason to invest in businesses that refuse to invest in a simple solution like headsets which allow employees to work with ease for longer periods.

Therefore, save your business: Invest in headsets.

Avoid Worker Comp Issues

Workers go to their jobs with the hopes of accomplishing goals and making gains for themselves and their team. But gains can be reduced by missed days and pay outs for work-related injuries. Some of these missed days and injuries stem from phone use.

Around 67% of workers reported increased energy and less pain when it comes to using headsets. Do NOT ignore this fact.

CRMs streamline the work load, but your team does need to use the phone. While on the phone, workers use their hands to access the computer, take notes and handle office supplies. It’s impossible to sit for hours on end with the phone cradled between the ear and neck. That position causes immense strain for the neck and head and shoulders. It also fatigues the brain and eyes. Maintain energy and focus by switching to office-wide headsets. They free up the hands, promote good posture, and keep employees energized.  The point is to keep the team on the phone servicing clients. When they hurt, their injuries distract from providing service. Don’t mess up the call process by making it painful.

All of these issues can be solved with an Intellibright consultation. We’ll review your workflow, show you how easy headsets are to use, help you identify the best headset for your office, and more. Contact us today; we have our headsets ready to take your call!