Seasonal changes often decrease the volume of inbound lead generation. The loss of volume devastates business, but Intellibright knows how to resist dwindling down to an inbound lead volume subsist. Avoid lulls with our tips that include:

  • utilizing SEO to create seasonal content
  • providing value online and off
  • spending more, or less, money for ads during peaks
  • connecting in person

and finally…

Boosting your results with Intellibright’s insight into all of these tips!

Match Content to Time

The season is the reason for your content. There’s no wrong season, but there is wrong content for the season.

For example, if it’s winter and your company installs pools in Midwest hotels, avoid posting content about how to beat the heat. Focus on the promise of the future because summer will come again, sure as the sun rises. And when it does, your pools will be ready to install. Meanwhile, people can dream about that time with the content you provide. Inspire them to inquire.

To create pertinent content for each period of the year as it relates to your business, we run keyword and keyword combination tests. We partner with Google and understand all the essential SEO elements to make your content relevant year round.

Digitize and Socialize

You need an effective Facebook presence that allows timely interaction with your clients. But if all you do is pitch them during those interactions, they lose interest. Constant pitching overwhelms and bores them, plus it devalues the relationship.

Avoid this pitfall with our surefire Facebook protocol: Let your posts consist of value more than pitches.

Post the seasonal content you create on Facebook. Engage your followers on status updates by asking their opinions on a number of matters as it relate to your industry or the world. The information garnered from these interactions provides a wealth of leads.

Additionally, spend time generating leads offline. Budget for more events during which you meet with leads in person. This elevates your inbound off-peak lead numbers because it puts you in the path of potential clients. You can also focus on sales training to motivate your team. Sales training works especially well if your sales team suffers motivational slumps when business slows down.

Intellibright knows how to handle all of these situations. Schedule a time to meet with us. After all, we love Facebook and socializing!

Increase or Decrease the Ad Budget, Depending

Budget to spend more or less on advertising during your peak season. Yes, more or less. That’s what we said.

If you increase the budget, advertising dollars need to beat competitors via click through rates and lead conversions. The gains help during the off-season.

For a decrease in budget, you might come out on top if your company commands the ability to pull in people without the extra advertising during peak seasons. In this scenario, the money funnels toward off-season inbound lead creation which you can show you how to generate leads.

An Extra Tip

This wasn’t one of the original tips we listed, but we like to be nice as long as it’s not pertaining to your competitors.

Stay in touch with emails that discuss what your doing during the year to prepare for your busy season. This hype often leads to people reaching out with an inquiry about their future needs. Therefore, use your CSM to email contacts about upcoming business ventures, developments, new training, new products, and more.

In the end, seasonal slumps can serve as blessings in disguise. If you focus in rather than tune out, business stands a good chance of increasing offpeak season inbound leads.

We want to know all about your sales and marketing process. Using our proven methods, Intellibright determines which of our solutions works the best for you during this time. Call us today!