Trends play a giant role in the success of a marketing campaign. Here at Intellibright, we keep up with trends and know which ones help which clients. After all, there’s no point in taking advantage of a trend that provides no benefit.

Below, learn about a 2017 Marketing Trio you should know as well as we do.

A Jetson’s Outlook

The Jetsons are here, folks, and they’re taking over your office with artificial intelligence so RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Well, not really. The trend hasn’t reached Space Invaders level yet. Some experts say it never will.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) allows businesses to better predict customer needs and also helps prepare short content pieces for e-commerce. However, before anyone feels replaced by a robots, machine can make exacting decisions, but they aren’t the ultimate worker. AI relies on the creativity and intelligence of humans to reach its full potential. Machines remove human bias but always need to be programmed to do this.

AI does the routine rather than innovative.

Connect with Personalization

When you want to convert leads to customers, grab their attention quickly.

The way to do this is to personalize content for them. Despite news articles about the fear of Big Brother, most consumers prefer this method of marketing because it makes them feel valued and wastes no time. Think of personalization as connection. One of the best way to achieve this connection occurs via social media by

  • commenting on posts left on the company page.
  • posting status updates that request customer opinion.
  • funny or touching memes related to the product.

Another strategy is to consider promotions and deals for social media followers to promote your product. By analyzing followers’ social media activity, a company can determine who will put forth a productive effort.

Email Your Outreach

Form emails blow big time. It feels like getting spammed by a mugger. Such endeavors waste time for

  • the company that sends them
  • the clients that delete them after reading the first few lines.

The way to keep people from deleting emails is to create a persona behind the email. Sign off with a real a name and develop a personality that people respond to, even if the person behind the name hates talking to people. Customers are less likely to delete an email from a real person than they are an email that reads like a chain letter.

Intellibright wants to show you how to get the most from these tips. Call us today for a free marketing consultation: (888) 704-7677. You can thank us for the Space Invaders link later.