If you’ve ever been in a position where you are hiring someone for a job, you know that the resume can make or break their opportunity with your company. Too little information and you feel uncertain about whether or not they are qualified for the position. Too much information and you have to forcibly keep your eyes from crossing. The trick to a good resume is putting your bona fides out there in such a way that it is the perfectly balanced and succint explanation for why they deserve this job. This advice, it turns out, is spot on for the website you create to introduce, inform, and educate your current and potential customers.

We’ve all seen, at one point or another, the website that is simply drowning in content. It makes sense that, as business owners, we are proud of our company, our product, and the service we provide. Wanting to yell it off of the rooftops is perfectly normal. But there is a time and a place and a way in which to do it. Using your website to generate interest is a far better use of the medium than putting every single thing on the table. Your website should:

  • Be a source for building trust.
  • Be informative without being overwhelming.
  • Be a significant driver for leads into your sales funnel.

As anyone who has been in or near show business knows, you always want to leave your audience wanting more.

Building Trust

There are several ways your website can be used to build trust with your existing and potential customers. Clearly and concisely explaining what you do, paired with a very easy-to-navigate user experience, and a frequently updated blog presence will help people to understand your product or service better while also allowing you to present yourself as an expert or thought leader within your industry. A poorly crafted and constructed web presence goes a long way to eroding any trust you hoped to gain.

Informative, Not Overwhelming

Just as in the resume example, no one is going to want to read each piece of content you create in its entirety. In fact,in a recent post for HubSpot, Ginny Soskey highlighted a recent poll that shows that greater than 50 percent of people who visit¬† website spend no more than 15 seconds viewing you page. Are you doing the best you can to optimize that 15 seconds and grab their attention? A content heavy website is all but assuring you that the answer is ‘no‘.

Top Of The Funnel

If you have crafted an optimal website, you are using the 15 seconds you have to generate interest in your company. If a user’s interest isn’t piqued, chances are very low that you will be able to soon count them as a customer. Your website should create just the right amount of curiousity so that a potential client wants to learn more about what it is that you do and how you do it.

A Good First Impression

Your website is, as the title states, your resume to the world. Just like when one is on the job hunt, there is no shame in seeking the services of a professional to make sure your resume is as effective as it can be. Intellibright works with our partners to deliver an optimized web presence that drives traffic to your door. A well crafted website is but one component of the suite of services Intellibright provides for our clients. From SEO/SEM strategy to business consulting to consistently updated original content, a partnership with Intellibright keeps your web presence relevant and drives sales to your business, all with $0 out-of-pocket to you and your company. Click below to learn more about how a partnership with Intellibright will revolutionize your business.