This week we were working with a client to put a better lead management solution in place. When we were proposing it, they stopped us.

They said:

This looks fantastic but what about our referrals?

Well, we hadn’t gotten to that point but our system was designed to help with leads of ALL TYPES. Direct mail, referrals, and our internet leads were all going to be managed in the system. When we showed the client how we would manage the system for them (at no cost) and give them reports by region, person, branch, or marketing channel, they were floored.

Not only will they be converting internet leads to sales at a much higher rate but also their other lead types that are generated offline will benefit as well. Partnering with Intellibright gives you lead conversion experts at your fingertips. In our mind, a wholly successful partner allows us to help grow with them. Anything we can do to help achieve better results, we’ll do.

While Intellibright is only paid on a sale, we do SO MUCH MORE. Intellibright, a true partner.

Ron Browning, CEO, Intellibright