A significant number of marketing companies run on a business model that lacks finesse and does little to increase business for anyone but themselves. How many?

Too many.

They do this by

  • insisting you pay for work before you see positive results from it
  • invoking the need for new hires
  • increasing extra outsourcing costs
  • introducing burdensome technology
  • implementing a web site or other technology that fails to work the first time so requires money to repair or change.

These costs of hiring a marketing agency mean that a lot of businesses regret hiring a marketing agency.

Here at Intellibright, we utilize a pay-per-sale model that the companies who work with us never regret. Our model provides an affordable solution for any company to expand the reach of their online presence, but it does more than just saves you money. It also makes you money in a way other marketing firms don’t. And we do that before you ever pay us.

This is how we become your most important business ally.

We Partner with You

Instead of becoming an outsourced cost that demands payment upfront, we work as a partner with your company. That means your goals become our goals.

In fact, you’re paying us like you pay a member of your sales team so we work as hard your sales team. Our aim is to convert your leads and until you see the results of our efforts, we don’t get a dime. The way we do this consist of the following revenue increasing methods:

  • We build user-friendly websites that engage potential clients and convert them into actual clients.
  • We build safe websites that instill trust, protecting your interests as well as the interests of your clients.
  • We pay for the website, the SEO, the SEM, and everything else. In one month, we spent 50K making sure a partner garnered millions via SEM ads.
  • Our websites are conversion-focused responsive websites.

Let’s examine pay-per-sale more closely.

Pays-Per-Sale Protocol

Intellibright focuses on a sales process execution that includes:

  • no fee or low fee expenditure
  • information on and access to the latest technology
  • knowledge of workflow and digital processes.

In addition to the above, we undertake case studies that show why we people should do business with our partners. We also work as a Google Partner, with Velocify, and are part of the Internet Marketing Association (IMA). If our BBB rating of A+ demonstrates our trustworthiness, our lead conversion rate solidifies it. In one year, we generated 48, 357 leads with a 23.9% conversion rate. This more than solidifies our worthiness in a way that benefits you—a one in four way.

And the exclusive leads really guarantee the pay in our pay-per-sale model.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads benefit us as much as they do our partners.

Avoid cold calling and qualifying leads. Let us do that for you without paying upfront for it when we give you exclusivity on leads that are looking for a company like yours.

Our partners enjoy an easier facilitation through the sales journey when they receive exclusive sales leads. That ‘s because only you command access to the lead and we guarantee that we never share them with anyone else. This makes those leads fall into your sales funnel with much more ease.

When we create an online marketing strategy for you based on these leads, then you learn who your optimal customers are and what draws them to you.That means you know how to gear your marketing to them.

Sharing works when you’re playing on the playground, but this is not recess: It’s business. We give you exclusivity with qualified leads and that puts you ahead which puts us ahead with our pay-per-sale model.

Confidence and Competence

Established companies exceeding $10 million in earnings and sales that on average exceed $1500 trust us to bring them digital marketing plans that generate leads. Our history and our service always make them feel confident in their choice to join forces with Intellibright.

We feel confident about it, too.

Other marketing firms lack this confidence. A confident marketing firm puts up the money first and gets the work done. We know our history speaks for itself, but each client deserves to see what we can do for them. Therefore, we don’t rely on our past glories. We work to earn for you, or we don’t earn. It’s as simple as that.

Call Intellibright today and we’ll show you that competence and confidence firsthand.