In 20th Century America, many families survived off the tried and true tactics of door-to-door sales. The job consisted of mostly men who practiced the trade and some of them transformed knocking on strange doors into an empire. 

There’s no reason to knock the technique. Excuse the pun; we couldn’t resist. But the technique did make millions.

However, every time period consists of innovations. People become accustomed to the ease of the new. For all the good wagons did this country, no one wants to go back to driving them.

Intellibright believes that modern sales teams thrive on digital leads supplied by us. A large reason for that is that they just make things easier for salespeople. The quality of our leads makes things especially easy. What we provide proves so lucrative, we offer our clients exclusivity on our product while refusing payment until our client’s first sale.

That’s because we know the power of qualified digital leads.

No one here believes that sales come from a lackluster effort, but spending all one’s time qualifying leads in this old-fashioned way no longer makes sense because of the following technological innovations that we provide:

  • social media
  • tracking
  • targeted ads
  • supplying your sales team with Intellibright’s exclusive, qualified leads.

These assests lift a tremendous burden from your sales team, allowing them to polish their lackluster process and actually sell.

In Addition to Technology, Use Common Sense

Sometimes old-fashioned methods provided the perfect solution. Even as a digital business leader, we can’t deny that. Let’s call on some of that old-fashioned brain magic now.

Why set your sales team’s goals around qualifying 1000 leads that might talk to them before slamming the door or slamming down the phone? We supply excellent leads to your sales team, freeing up their time to work on making profit gains. One method focuses more on qualifying while the other focuses on sale.

The last time we checked, you managed a sales team, not a qualifying team.

Think about it this way: Close your eyes and picture all the door-to-door sales people of the past making the endless tread around town to introduce themselves. Whether the sales person in your scenario exists in the 1930s or the 1990s, do you not think that person would’ve felt ecstatic about being given exclusive qualified leads to cultivate?

If all you want your sales team to do is qualify leads without closing them, there’s a problem with your whole process and your sales team will suffer, as will the overall company.

That sounds rough. The truth hurts. Your lead conversions and profits don’t have to.

Raising Monthly Sales Averages

More and more, the customer experience occurs online. Google wants makes it possible for people to navigate the online experience for any number of industries from the homes or the quiet of the corner office, often on a phone. Approaching people digitally makes sense and we understand how Google does this.

When you clarify the sales process from all points, it makes sense to nuture people who show, digitally, that they feel some level of interest in what you offer.

Maintaining contact with these kind of customers via follow-ups prove easier as well.

If your sales team nutures these qualified digital leads, it leads to a 20% increase in sales. Another astounding fact: Nutured leads make 47% larger purchases.

These increases only occur because you have qualified leads worked by sales people who invest time in getting the conversion, enhanced by the digital expertise of Intellibright.

When the sales team focuses on sales, they make them.

That’s the point of the being in business. Give us a call today so we can supply you with the leads that are going to make your company, and only your company, increase their monthly sales averages.