It’s the highest level an agency can achieve, reserved for only a tiny fraction of all Google Partners

Because Intellibright was founded on the belief that the most successful partnerships are ones in which the measurement of success is simple and understandable, our measure for success is SALES. If our clients don’t get sales, then we don’t get paid.

Our pay-per-sale business model, firmly rooted in our broad knowledge and deep experience, has helped us reach an important milestone: achieving the Google Premier Partner (GPP) designation, coveted among organizations like ours that specialize in Search and Mobile Technology. Being a Google Premier Partner is like being listed in the Who’s Who of search engine marketing experts.

In order to qualify as a Premier Partner, an agency must regularly meet Google’s requirements in three areas:

• Certification

• Ad Spend

• Performance

Being a Premier Partner means an agency is knowledgeable, experienced, and successful. In other words, the Intellibright team knows how to optimize a campaign so that it makes money. Earning revenue for clients is the area in which our company thrives.

What Do Clients Get When They Work with a Premier Partner?

The many advantages of working with a Google Premier Partner include learning about Google search changes ahead of other AdWords users, being able to participate in Beta programs and tools, and having the ability to connect quickly and personally with Google Support to troubleshoot issues or address any concerns.

At Intellibright, we’re passionate about our pay-per-sale business model. The client’s goals are our goals. We develop exclusive high-quality leads that convert to sales in order to maximize revenue in the most efficient way possible.

What Does It Take to Become a Premier Partner with Google?

Premier Partner status is reserved for Google’s biggest and best agencies that continually deliver great results, hone their ad campaign skills and routinely seek new opportunities for clients.

This new status lets us attend industry best-practice events and get the first look at new AdWords tools. That way, the Intellibright team can continue to put clients forward for beta tests using the latest technology.

Those are just a few of the perks that come with partner status, a win-win for Intellibright and all our clients!

One of the things it takes to achieve Premier Partner status is staying on top of the most recent AdWords tools. Premier Partners must also pass challenging qualification checks in multiple areas of professional marketing and advertising. This is just one example of how qualified Intellibright professionals are. They put the “bright” in our company’s name!

Putting Clients First is a Winning Strategy

Everyone who works at Intellibright is proud to be on a team that puts clients first, offers a cutting-edge business model for reaching maximum campaign revenue, and has earned one of the top accolades in the field of advertising and marketing. 

At Intellibright, we focus on lead quality. Since we pay for every single lead but are only paid on sales that our leads generate for clients, we have zero incentive to deliver weak leads. Over time, our leads improve in quality and generate more revenue.

We speak at least once per week with clients to review leads and change course whenever necessary. If a client tells us something isn’t working, we’ll adjust our strategy and set things right.

For leads that are getting the job done, we’ll dedicate more resources and generate additional, similar leads. Over time, you’ll notice conversion rates rising, per-salesperson productivity increasing, and per-sale revenue rising. That’s what effective, on-target advertising strategy is all about.

Our Growth Means More Revenue for Clients

Intellibright offers a full menu of traditional agency services. As years passed and we brought on new clients, our expertise grew too, primarily in the paid search segment. And our stand-out job as a paid-search expert is what helped us earn Google’s Premier Partner designation.

When it comes to paid search campaigns, Intellibright is ideally positioned to deliver. Clients continue to choose us because, from their perspective, there’s no downside. The marriage of top-level expertise and our unique, pay-per-sale business model means clients get the best team available with no financial risk.

At Intellibright, we learned long ago that clients don’t like risk. They want professionalism and return on their investment. Our company is positioned to deliver both.

Why Our Business Model Works Wonders

Our teams can generate more web-based sales than clients ever thought possible. Intellibright’s clients don’t have to pay ANY web costs. Their only cost is per sale. The way we see it, no one wants to spend money on resources and programs that don’t generate revenue, or don’t result in growth.

How We Choose Our Partners

Clients are our partners in many ways, but primarily because we both aim for the same thing: advertising that generates revenue. We work with established companies that generate in excess of $10M in revenue. Our partners have a minimum of 10 full-time salespeople that generate sales with an average value of no less than $1500.

To keep things in perspective, we limit the number of our partners in each industry. That way, we achieve national coverage with minimal overlap and maximum focus.

Our teams can generate more web-based sales than clients ever thought possible. Intellibright’s clients can choose between our Pay Per Sale model and our fixed rate Subscription model.  Our Pay Per Sale model helps clients achieve incredible growth while our fixed rate models are more cost-effective due to the decreased risk.

Why We’re Proud

At Intellibright, we’re proud to stand behind our work. So proud, in fact, that we foot all the upfront costs, like websites, SEM, SEO, and all the other relevant online marketing efforts that make a campaign run like clockwork.

Our partner websites are extensions of our own. We create modern websites that instill trust, build confidence and (most importantly) generate revenue.

A unique business model with a client-first philosophy. A team of professionals with skill sets that rival any in the industry. Traditional and cutting-edge advertising tools for campaigns that work. Results that speak for themselves and a record that anyone would be proud of. And now, Google’s highest honor: Premier Partner status.

At Intellibright, we’re pleased to say that we keep getting better at what we do, day after day.