One of the things I like the best about our performance marketing (pay per sale) business model is that we don’t work with more than one provider per market area. In the case of our national clients, they basically own us for that vertical.

Which is why we go to great lengths to help our clients improve since we’re only paid on sales. For example, we just spent the better part of a week with a client at their location to review both the sales and business process. We discovered a great team with a lot of experience but no set sales structure. On top of that we found that the business process was the culmination of years of add-hock changes.

The sales process had devolved over the years. While a CRM was available, it was too complicated for the team to use except for a weekly update to keep management off their case. The new system being proposed is much simpler and will automate tasks which has shown to increase contact rates by 159%. This alone will lead to a large increase in sales from the same lead volume.

In an example of process run amok there were salespeople printing out order forms they had collected on the computer, scanning them for upload to a data processor who then printed them out for entry into another system. The new process will simply transfer the collected data to the appropriate person when the status of that client is changed. This alone, will save more than an hour per new client AND keep data entry errors to a minimum along with saving quite a few trees along the way…

This week we’re going to present our updated sales and business process program which will drastically increase sales AND lower the processing cycle by a week or more. Even more importantly the CEO will get data on both sales and where new clients are in the onboarding process from a custom dashboard we set up.

We’ve done this before and the results are always transformational. Both Intellibright and our Partner are excited about the new system.

Ron Browning, CEO, Intellibright