As children, we were taught to share and share alike. This is an important lesson when dealing with our friends and our family. But in business, sharing is not always the best way to get ahead. Nowhere is that more true than when dealing with potential sales leads. Several hands digging into the limited pool that is the antiquated unqualified lead cookie jar is bad for your business and ultimately can turn off the consumer.

Thanks to the advent and maturation of online marketing, there is a way to say goodbye to generic lead generation outfits and speak directly to individuals who, through your newly optimized website, have clearly expressed their interest in your service or product directly. What could be better for your sales reps than knowing the person they are reaching out to not only wants to talk, but wants to talk to you?

Here are just a few of the benefits of incorporating exclusive lead generation into your company’s marketing efforts and how best to capitalize on them:

1. Your Lead Qualified Themselves

Ask anyone in sales and they will tell you the part of the job they have to steel themselves up for the most is the blind cold call. Of course, they are professionals and identifying and converting leads is an essential skill. Their job (and your bottom line) is very much improved when the leads you receive are exclusive to your company.

2. Easier Facilitation Through The Sales Journey

It makes complete sense that a pre-qualified lead who is only speaking to your sales team is already a few steps into your sales funnel. They are looking for a reason to say yes to your product or service. If your competition isn’t employing an optimized website, then you are starting a 100-yard dash at the 50-yard mark.

3. Gain New Insight Into Who Your Market Is

There are the customers we want and there are the customers we get. Over time, analyzing the exclusive leads generated by your online marketing strategy paints a better picture of who your optimal customer is. Having this knowledge allows you to shape your overall marketing strategy to be more effective at reaching a specifically targeted demographic.

4. Enjoy A Higher Sales Conversion Rate

The three benefits above really wouldn’t mean anything without mentioning this little gem: an optimized online marketing strategy yields higher conversion rates than traditional marketing methods when properly executed. Doesn’t the prospect of yielding 23 to 32 sales per 100 leads pique your interest in this untapped marketing channel? I thought it would.

5. Exclusive Is Exclusive

This lead is yours and yours alone. Gone are the days of getting stacks of generic leads that may be outdated or already closed on by a competitor. The leads generated from your optimized website are exclusive to you and your business.

The Future Is Now

Until only the last decade, the sales side of business seemed as though it was going to be one aspect in business that would remain unchanged. Anyone who holds that archaic opinion today has clearly not seen the ground shifting under their own feet. Optimized online marketing, and the exclusive leads it generates, is just the next wave in creating immediate and lasting relationships with highly motivated prospects.

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