Three elements demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing websites: design, content, and conversion rates.

Marketing companies sometimes fail to consider conversion rates with the same verve they bring to design and content. To command a significant growth in business, eliminate the following conversion rate pitfalls.

Websites Made for Window Shopping

Profitable websites operate like profitable stores. No one opens a store to please window shoppers. No one should put up a website to please them, either. Marketing companies must convert leads that are “just looking”, or else they go out of business. Therefore, a website needs to look and feel like a serious business. If a marketing company discovers that website site visitors fail to make contact and sign contracts, then the website only exists for window shoppers. Successful marketers test and tweak their sites regularly for conversion rate effectiveness. Find out who’s looking, who’s converting, and why.

Bravado That Outshines Actual Business

Spectacular ads stimulate interest and drive website traffic. But a site’s content needs to match the hype of its ad. Otherwise, all the hoopla might result in negative reviews online or by word of mouth. Leads want to see proof of successful marketing campaigns. They want to know what makes a marketing firm the one to do business with. Strong marketing firms live up to the hype they create by showing their marketing initiatives, awards, and anything else that proves their claims. Proof of relevance generates sales.

Skipping Calls to Action

Business works like any other relationship: It takes at least two to do whatever it is that needs to get done. Marketing companies must make themselves accessible. Simple downloads and forms placed on an easily navigated website do this, resulting in conversion rate increases. Keep in mind that a streamlined process wins every time so avoid a form design that features a million drop-boxes. Leads generate via simple processes. And a landing page serves as the perfect spot for downloads and forms. A landing page motivates people to act immediately rather than browse online to see what competitors offer.

Wishing Everyone A Nice Day

Nice guys finish last. Pain points generate higher leads and higher conversion rates so marketing companies need to bring the pain. Show leads how dismal their numbers look. Compare them to their more successful, local competitors and don’t back down by softening the blow. Confidence instills confidence. Outline an achievable process that never permits the lead to forget that others already reap the benefits of a strong marketing plan so they need to do the same.

When marketing companies put it on the line for leads by avoiding these pitfalls, their own conversion rates soar. Take a leap and soar.