Yep, that’s the question, alright.

Intellibright believes in the support that a good CRM system provides. In fact, we blog about it and we make a living from CRM Systems.

But a CRM system doesn’t just help us. A well managed CRM system helps you because it

  • increases your marketing reach
  • foresees client needs
  • enhances functionality
  • pays for itself
  • achieves all this and more with help from our insightful intellibright CRM team.

The Basics of CRM

CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. You may think that your team covers everything that a clients needs. Thinking that is a mistake and hurts your business.

When you use CRM, you put all of your clients into a database. It tracks past, present, and future transactions which allows you to keep the totality of a client in perspective at a moment’s notice.

In the case of in-house benefits, it allows yor team to cover for each other if one of your employees

  • takes a vacation
  • takes a sick day
  • takes an out-of-office meeting

and more. The coverage supplied by a CRM proves invaluable to the function of your office. A well functioning office tends to earn higher revenue.

CRM Saves

The CRM saves money. Research show this, time and again. It prevents paper waste and thus reduces paper costs. Another major way it saves money is by eradicating the need for software licensing renewal. A CRM system formulates into a web based project management for your company. Think about how much money those licenses cost. Now think about how much money a CRM system will save you. That alone should convince you to call us, but other CRM benefits exist.

Intuitive Decision Making

A CRM can be programmed to foresee client needs based on a live dashboard that highlights various components of a client’s profile. With this information, you can plan for the prevention of supply shortages, save clients money on purchases, and offer relationship enhancement strategies like lead conversions based on their data. When you provide these insights to your clients, they appreciate and remember them and that transforms into customer loyalty, word of mouth advertising, lead conversions for your team, and increased revenue.

Time Saving Organization

A CRM makes everything accessible with a few strokes of the keyboard. The information is arranged in a way that prevents endless stretches of hunting for data or doing research. You can share files easily as well as review email histories and orders in case of a dispute. The CRM system resolves transactions and arguments and needs. Additionally, this time saving extends to less meetings which means big time savings in terms of both hours and money. Once you implement the CRM, you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time getting one.

Social Awareness Capabilities

The CRM of today incorporates ways to manage social media profiles and if you’re on the go, it goes with you. That’s right: CRM systems go mobile. You can also use a CRM system to get the members of your own team to be social in the office. CRM systems can spurn friendly competition among your staff by charting the progress of sales and marketing initiatives, which in turn promotes a better overall performance and atmosphere for your office.

It seems that the question about whether to CRM or not CRM should be changed to, “Why aren’t you using a CRM system?” Give Intellibright a call today, and we can show you the dozens of other ways that a CRM system improves your business.