Are your salespeople seeing double? If not, they should be.

When Intellibright talks about seeing double, we mean lead generation and excelling at customer care via the fabulous duo of dual monitors. Salespeople who use dual monitors benefit from a range of positive results including:

  • reduced error
  • a smoother work flow
  • improved ergonomics
  • improved call-in response time
  • increased social media response

This is not just a sales pitch. It’s a fact. In 2006, significant  data sources show that purchasing dual screens allows employees to increase their work speed, flow, and productivity.

Let’s look at how to create the kind of (double) vision that allows your sales team to see the light and more.

Strengthen Presentation Capabilities

When salespeople use dual monitors, they lessen the chances of making mistakes in their work. Two screens abolish the need for clicking between applications on the same screen. Work flows like an actual book or notebook on a desk, from one screen to the next. Files can be moved between the two screens with ease. When preparing sales presentations, your team can keep images on one screen while editing and arranging them into a presentation on the other screen. They see the big picture of what they’re creating, which helps them intensify or modify their method to suit each client. Dual screens make it easier to catch typos, too, and it’s less stressful on the hands, fingers, and eyes. Intellibright can help you select then utilize the perfect dual screen process for your office.

Less Click, More Bang

A business gets more bang for its click when the sales force isn’t weighed down by a clickity clique. Let’s be honest: you probably have two or three people on your team who are brilliant with sales but can’t figure out how to turn on the computer. Avoid stifling their sales brilliance by making their work flow even harder with just one screen. Remember, call-ins provide a major number of lead generations and conversions (LINK TO MY PIECE on call-ins; it’s not posted so I don’t have the link.The anchor text should be the word “call-ins”.) When a potential client calls in, that means they’ve taken the time to connect with you. Don’t make them regret their choice to connect with employees who increase their hang time by toggling back and forth between applications on one screen. Even though the transaction happens on the phone, the whole situation reeks of a total lack of finesse and in some weird way, it shows.The client will definitely imagine an unflattering scenario which negates confidence in your team. Market research shows that dual screens knock about ten seconds off of each five minutes of work. Two screens equates to an improved capacity to research, write, and convert call-ins.  Make sure that call-ins receive a speedy response and you’ll see an increase in lead conversions based on this saved time. Our Intellibright team can analyzed the calls you receive, and help you increase lead conversions with the dual screen method and our proven marketing techniques.

Real Time Response

A real time response to your social media queries and comments creates a dependable, open reputation plus solidifies customer loyalty. Dual screens ease the burden of social media monitoring. They enable people to work while Tweeting, posting to Facebook, and other sites. Your team becomes a direct part of your social media platforms by direct interaction with customers and sharing valuable posts. Here at Intellibright , we understand how to increase your social media reach and productivity by targeting Facebook advertising, creating content, and more. Let’s make an appointment today to look at how Intellibright can clear up things by helping you see double with dual screen precision!