The burgeoning world of online and social media marketing was very early on viewed with skepticism by small to mid-sized businesses. That skepticism is not uncommon when there is a fundamental paradigm shift in how business is conducted. If you are a small to mid-sized business owner who has not yet embraced online marketing, you’re losing out to your better positioned competitors in terms of website traffic, leads, and conversions.

What Is Online Marketing?

The answer to this question is tricky, depending upon with whom you are speaking. You’ll hear people throw out terms like “Google AdWords” and “Twitter For Business.” They’ll tell you that you should look to Facebook. But without knowledge of how to utilize those and other tools, your online marketing strategy is haphazard and likely ineffective. 

Working with a professional online marketing team that focuses solely on driving traffic and sales to small and mid-sized businesses is the most important step to create an effective and successful online marketing strategy. IntelliBright not only drives more traffic to your website and customers to your door, but we review metrics which are meant to inform you, the business owner, on which tactics are working and which should be addressed and possibly changed.

DIY: Great For Home, Bad For Business

Tackling a small bathroom renovation after seeing some good ideas on HGTV costs you the price of supplies and your weekend. Tackling your online marketing costs you far more, especially if it is done incorrectly or with no clear strategy laid out. When it comes to effective online marketing for your company there is simply no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Seeking the services of an online marketing partner like IntelliBright brings an entire skilled marketing team, with focus on website development and redevelopment, content creation, analytics measurement, and a whole host of other talents and abilities, right into your small to mid-sized company. Relying on the multiple decades of combined experience of a dedicated marketing team provides you not only with peace of mind, but also gurantees that your sales revenues are going to increase dramatically.

Why IntelliBright?

Intellibright is comprised of multiple team members with expertise in analytics, search engine optimization, keyword marketing, and content marketing creation. By providing a single level of first class service to each of our clients, we assure them they all receive our focused and undivided attention. Lastly, when working with IntelliBright, your increased sales and revenue figures are guaranteed to match or exceed the dollars spent on your online marketing strategy within your first three months.

If you are still unsure why working with a dedicated professional marketing team is right for you and your small to mid-sized business, contact IntelliBright today for yourfree online marketing consultation.