Google Drive serves as a valuable resource for increasing productivity. The benefit occurs through an expansion of achieved milestones and profit, all in less time. It facilitates these gains in five important ways by:

  • saving money
  • file storage
  • sharing of information
  • offline reach
  • keyboard shortcuts.

Google Drive Your Way to Savings

Google Drive works hard so you don’t have to work as hard. It simplifies your work process plus provides invaluable marketing resources and security.

First, Google Drive works well with third party programs. There’s no need to change your desktop client or software organizers. Google Drive pairs with them all. This saves money in the long run because it saves time as well as prevents the need for new purchases and new training. The time and cost of this benefit will be seen in an uninterrupted workflow as well as a lack of purchase or training costs.

Second, let’s examine file storage. It’s a big pain that takes up a lot of space. In addition to the storage nightmare, it’s hard to keep track of every version of a file. But Google Drive corrects these issues by automatically updating files with each revision. All you need to do is select “file’ then ‘see revision history’ to access document revisions from the last 30 days. This increase productivity because it eliminates the need of doing the updates yourself. It also helps prevent file loss and put everything in easy reach of a few clicks.

Third, If you want to avoid spending money on office programs but still need to use them, Google Drive functions like those programs. Getting the same quality of service for free just can’t be beat, no matter how good your sales. Another perk: It provides 15GB of free storage.

See What’s Happening Online Wherever You Go

It doesn’t matter where you go. If you’re traveling or your team works remotely or you’d rather sit in the coffe shop instead of the office, the Google Drive file sharing options permits everyone to work on projects with ease. Work with clients this way, too. Let them look over the work you prepare for them without spending money on messengers or mailing, or worrying about whether they can open your file. Anyone with permission can make edits with a few simple steps. Even better, use the real time options. Google Drive moves everyone in a positive direction.

Sometimes, Things Happen Offline

Here at Intellibright, we’ve heard that things actually happen offline. (WHAT?!) All joking aside, reasons exists for needing files offline. As long as users have the Chrome browser or a Chrome device, Google Drive  allows them to access files offline. If your system crashes or you find yourself in a place where you can’t get online, this access saves time and money. Files with offline permission settings retain the new edits and will be synched once you get back online, preventing the need for additional updates.

Feels Like Playing a Data Piano

Keyboard shortcuts may not sound as pretty as an actual piano, but they can be just as pretty production-wise. Google Drive created keyboard shortcuts that allow your team to increase productivity by speeding up their work flow. And because it’s not necessary for most of us to memorize each and every shortcut, Google provides a handy cheat sheet. In addition to all these perks, there’s a lot more that we’d like to help you discover including how to make Google Drive your document default folder, Google Drive templates, and more. Let Intellibright explain and demonstrate how to get the most out of Google Drive by connecting with us today!