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Founded on the belief that the most successful partnerships are the ones where the measurement of success is simple and understandable. Our measure of success is SALES. It's that simple.

Pay Per Sale Marketing

Perfect Alignment of Goals

At Intellibright we are passionate about our Pay Per Sale business model.  We believe that Pay Per Sale puts us in perfect alignment with our partners.  Our goals are your goals.  Exclusive high quality leads that convert to sales with increased average order sizes to maximize revenue.

Intellibright is proud to stand behind our work.  We’re so proud that we pay for ALL the costs. Website, SEM, SEO, the works.  We pay for and manage ALL your online marketing efforts.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

We focus on lead quality. Since we pay for every lead but are only paid on sales we have NO INCENTIVE to deliver bad leads. Over time our leads continue to improve in quality and revenue. We’ll have weekly and monthly calls to review the leads that you are getting. If you tell us something isn’t working, we’ll stop generating those types of leads.

For those that are profitably converting, we’ll put all our resources into generating more of those. Over time you’ll see conversion rates rise, per salesperson productivity increase, and per sale revenue rise. Brilliant…

Increased Conversion Rates

We only get paid on sales so we work hard to deliver high-converting leads to your team.

Sales Process Improvements

We are expert in lead management software solutions, lead distributions, sales automation and follow-up, and provide our consultative services free of charge to our partners. The better you get at converting sales the more money we both make.

Salesperson Productivity Improvements

Because your salespeople are getting exclusive, high-quality leads you will find they are able to close more sales per month than before. Good for them, good for you.

Higher Per Sale Revenue

As we continue to gather data on sales we apply our findings to target those people, areas, and service types that generate the most revenue.

Rest Easy, We’ve Got it All Covered

We’re going to create a high-quality, modern design, conversion-focused website. We’ll include analytics, advanced configurable forms, lead capture and delivery systems, site monitoring, multi-variate testing, hosting, and management. It will all be taken care of. We’ll take care of maps, reviews, and we’ll do it all based on what will generate the most revenue. Perfect alignment.

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